Get expert medical advice, consult an online doctor

With mWell, everyone can consult with a doctor online 24/7. Consult right away or book an online doctor consultation at your convenience. A wide range of Primary Care and Specialized doctors are available online on the mWell app.

User Journey and Benefits

Consult in as fast as 3
minutes. We have created a waiting room to provide ample time for the patient and the doctor to connect seamlessly.

After the video consultation, receive a summary of the doctor’s notes, an e-prescription and lab referrals. You can easily buy the medicines and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

You have immediate access to your consultation history and e-prescriptions. Need a medical certificate? You can have it for free!

Lab services will soon be available. 

How to consult

Consult with a doctor in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Click ‘Consult Now’ or ‘Consult Later’ on the home screen of the app.

Step 2

Select your preferred doctor, schedule, and fill up your personal information.

Step 3

Success! You will receive a confirmation text and email of your online consultation.

Consult now or Consult Later

Access doctors 24/7 with our 'Consult Now' feature.

Book an online consultation with our wide range of Primary Care and Specialized doctors.

Get an e-prescription after your online consultation.

Easily access clinical notes and request for an e-medical certificate.

Enjoy convenient, secure, cashless payments.

Mind Health

Improve your mind health and wellbeing

Reduce stress and anxiety, have a greater sense of calm, be happier and more productive with help from our psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and counsellors. Conveniently consult online 24/7 with our mind health experts.

Reminder: Only medical doctors are allowed to provide medical certificates and prescriptions. Non-medical mind health experts such as psychologists and counsellors may only provide consultation notes.

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Available on both App Store and Google Play Store

Download and Register Today

Available on both App Store and Google Play Store