Live your best life with physical and mind health features.​

Improve your overall health and lessen risk of disease by using your mWell PH app.​

mWellness Score

Improve your physical health with the mWellness Score -- your digital guide in making right lifestyle choices every day.​

Increase physical activity.

Take more brisk steps.

Get enough sleep.


mWellness Score

Developed by an award-winning team of doctors and data scientists.

A score of 80 and above indicates a healthy physical lifestyle and lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

No need for a radical lifestyle change! To reach an ideal mWellness Score, all it takes are a few tweaks to make space for physical activity and adequate sleep regularly.

Mind Health Score​

Get insights into your mental well-being  with mWell Mind Health Score, your digital compass for a mental health.​

Assess your state of mind every day​

Practice mindfulness exercises that foster thankfulness and better understanding of your thoughts and emotions​

Set long-term mind health goals​


Mind Health Score

My Library

Access various mental and emotional wellness guides

My Meditations

Listen to a playlist featuring guided meditations for stress relief, sleep and fatigue

My Gratitude Box

Practice thankfulness to regulate stress and mood difficulties

Thought Pad

Spend a while to process a difficult situation

My Reflection Pool

Evaluate thoughts, emotions, decisions, and goals with full awareness

My Mind Goals

Set your mind on areas of life you want to improve or solve - sleep, fatigue, stress, self-care

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How to activate your mWellness Score

Step 1

Tap on the 80 icon on the home page​

Step 2

Enable Permissions​ and provide your lifestyle information​

Step 3

You now have access to your mWellness Score!​

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Download and Register Today

Available on both App Store and Google Play Store