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mWell HealthHub is an app where Filipinos can search for health and wellness services & providers filtered by location and book appointments directly.

How to Book

1. Select mWell HealthHub

On the home screen of the app, tap ‘mWell HealthHub’ to search and discover wellness spas, therapy centers, dental clinics, skin clinics, eye clinics, and other health and wellness providers.

2. Search for Providers

You can choose among the types of providers, search the specific service you need, or search for your preferred provider. You can also filter your search according to your location.

3. Choose a Provider

Scroll through our list of trusted providers and discover the services they offer. Find a facility that suits you best and tap on their profile to learn more.

4. Select Services

Pick the specific services you need and proceed to the next step.

5. Set Appointment Schedule

Set your appointment schedule. Choose a date and time that works for you.

6. Review Details

Review your selected services and appointment details carefully and then lock in your appointment.

7. You’re good to go!

You will receive an email for your booking confirmation. Your provider will see you soon!

mWell HealthHub

HUB it all with mWell HealthHub— The health and wellness service you need for you and your loved ones, now at arm’s reach.

Search and discover wellness spas, dental, skin, eye, and other providers and their services.

Effortlessly schedule appointments for yourself and your family.

Easily track your appointments and review booking details

Download and Register Today

Available on both App Store and Google Play Store

Download and Register Today

Available on both App Store and Google Play Store